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Wednesday, August 20, 2014 @ 09:08 AM
posted by Ed Bambauer

responsible water usageLike many parts of the country, major areas of Arizona are experiencing drought conditions. This presents challenges when it comes to water (or the lack thereof) available for lawns and other landscaping purposes.

Corona Landscape understands your struggle to keep your property looking attractive while conserving water and other vital natural resources. We know our residential landscaping customers are conscientious citizens—yet they also take pride in their property and want it to be beautiful and well-maintained.

Fortunately, it is possible to practice responsible water usage and still keep your lawn and greenery looking healthy and attractive.

Our expertise in Mesa are landscaping allows us to suggest the perfect lawn and garden options for your property and our local climate. We can create a beautiful outdoor environment consisting of plants and flowers that can thrive in this environment, using minimal water resources. We use turf, rocks, lighting, pavers and other accessories to give your yard a more exciting look without requiring additional water supplies.

In addition, we can also design and install an irrigation system that uses water as efficiently as possible, recycling whenever feasible and keeping waste to a minimum.

To discuss Mesa residential landscaping solutions that provide the look you want while conserving the precious water we all need, contact Corona Landscape.

Thursday, August 14, 2014 @ 10:08 AM
posted by Ed Bambauer

mesa landsapingAll businesses need to keep a close watch on their bottom line. Any sort of expense must be weighed and monitored carefully. At Corona Landscape, we realize that for businesses in need of commercial landscaping, the cost of these services isn’t something you take lightly.

Commercial landscaping often presents a quandary: you want your facilities to look attractive and adorned with healthy greenery and vegetation, yet at the same time you need to be financially prudent. Your tenants and clients expect properties that are well-maintained, yet they also count on you to keep rent and maintenance costs reasonable.

We aim to help you achieve both goals. Our reputation for meticulous landscaping is well known in the area, and we are proud to have earned that good name through dedication and hard work. We have great respect for our clients and their properties—as well as their budgets. That is why we always aim to ensure our costs are fair and affordable.

Our professional teams work quickly and efficiently, which helps to keep your costs low. We are also well-versed in the latest techniques and tools to help keep your landscaping looking beautiful through a low-maintenance routine.

We believe commercial landscaping shouldn’t be stressful—and it shouldn’t be a budget-buster either. Corona Landscape can keep your lawns, flowers and surrounding environments looking amazing without exorbitant costs. Contact us to discuss your Mesa area commercial landscaping needs.

Friday, January 25, 2013 @ 07:01 AM
posted by keoadmin

winter landscaping in ArizonaFor many homeowners here in the Valley, winter months are great for outdoor activities such as barbecuing, having company, and playing sports. It’s also a time for holidays, families and often, stress. One thing that is sometimes a concern is how to transition the yard healthfully through these winter months. Winter landscaping in Arizona is important because many of the plants that grow in our landscape need special attention during these colder months.

Here are a few tips to winter landscaping in Arizona:

  1. The first thing you want to remember is to cover your plants at night. Not all of them need to be covered, so talk to Corona Landscape to be sure you are covering the right ones. If you do not cover the cold-sensitive plants they could die when the first frost hits. Once they die it is hard to get them back and most of the time you have to end up planting a new one. You should keep an eye out for frost dates and continue to cover your plants any night a frost is expected until late spring.
  2. Many people with grass want to keep their lawn looking beautiful all year long. However, without special  attention, you’ll have a dry, dead, brown lawn with the change of the seasons. In order to prevent this from happening we recommend overseeding with ryegrass and then covering it with a natural fertilizer each month through the winter. This will give you a lush, green lawn all winter long.
  3. Another important thing to remember for winter landscaping in Arizona is maintenance. You want to make sure the lawn is mowed (mow just before you apply fertilizer), the plants are trimmed and weeds are taken care of. The easiest way to take care of weeds in the winter is to use a pre-emergent weed control that will prevent any unwanted growth.

By following these three easy steps you should be able to keep your landscape looking beautiful all winter long. Your friends and family will be so impressed and when you go through Corona Landscape, you won’t have to stress one bit.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 @ 06:01 AM
posted by keoadmin

xeriscapeFor those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, Xeriscape means to landscape in a way that removes or reduces your need for irrigation. In Arizona it is a very popular landscaping method and can be seen all over the state.

Benefits of Xeriscape:

  1. Easy on your wallet One of the greatest benefits to the Xeriscape method is that it saves you a lot of money on energy and water. Especially those homes or businesses that have large lots, maintaining a lush landscaping can be quite expensive.
  2. Good for the environment It is no secret that Arizona is a dry, desert state with little rain and water supply. Many of our native plants are used to long droughts and can live with minimal water. Xeriscape works with the environment to landscape using these native plants, rocks, stone, and other materials to make for a less water-dependent landscape.
  3. Blends well with the surroundings Because we live in the desert, Xeriscape landscaping fits right in in our neighborhoods and building complexes. There are still many areas with grass and water-dependent plants, but if you look around the majority of landscaping is very “deserty”.
  4. Visually appealing There are many ways to make Xeriscape visually appealing, including by using beautiful rocks, flagstone, pavers, boulders, and native desert plants. You might be thinking the only plant that grows well here naturally is cactus, but actually there are many beautiful plants that grow well in Arizona, including Flame Honeysuckle, a variety of Bird of Paradise, a variety of Hibiscus and beautiful Sunflowers. There are also a variety of beautiful trees and cacti that you can plant.

So if you are thinking of renewing your landscape, eliminating or reducing your water usage or landscaping for the first time, consider Xeriscape, a great method of landscaping here in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

Monday, December 17, 2012 @ 10:12 PM
posted by admin

With the holiday season upon us it’s time to start thinking about hiring a Tempe landscaper that will fulfill all of your landscaping needs. Maintaining your landscape should be the last thing on your mind this holiday season and Corona Landscape can help. The holiday season is about giving and we aim to give our customers piece of mind.

How a Tempe landscaper can help you this season

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year. People are throwing parties, taking vacations, invading the malls, and spending quality time with their families. And with the New Year quickly approaching, there is so much to get done in so little time. When you hire Corona Landscape we will work with you to determine your landscaping needs and come up with a schedule that best fits your life. Once we have you set up on that schedule you can rest assured that we will always come the day you expect us, on time and ready to serve you.

Our services include irrigation, installing pavers, lighting, and many maintenance services such as trimming, weeding, edging, pruning, and adjusting irrigation timers. We also provide you with competitive rates and superb customer service. Unlike other Tempe landscapers, we don’t believe in buying cheap and pricing high; we believe in treating our customers fairly and providing them with the services they expect.

Don’t let the year slip away without getting the help you need. Call us today and check one more thing off your holiday list!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 @ 10:12 PM
posted by admin

Just like a home, the first thing a person sees when they pull up to your business is your landscaping. Although you really shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover”, it is the first impression that you are providing your customers. You want to make sure that your landscape demonstrates that you care about your company and your customers.

3 steps to beautiful commercial landscaping

  1. Consider your surroundings. The first thing you want to do is take a look at the businesses, homes, or shops around you. You want to keep your landscape consistent with your neighbors’ and the area that you are in. If your neighbors have traditional Arizona landscaping of rocks and cacti, you probably don’t want to go with the tropical island look. Our team of trained landscapers can help you find the perfect landscaping that is unique and yet blends in well with your surroundings.
  2. Consider your clientele. The most important aspect in any business is the customer. You always want to appeal to them. For example, if you are looking to landscape a doctor’s office you want a design that makes people feel at ease and comfortable; you may want to put in some grass, shade trees, and a beautiful walkway made of pavers. Or maybe your company is passionate about energy and water conservation; in this case you a more natural landscape design might be best.
  3. Maintain, maintain, maintain! Once you get the perfect landscape design you want to make sure you maintain its beauty. Otherwise, an overgrown, under-groomed landscape could reflect poorly on your business. Corona Landscape can help you maintain your commercial landscaping all year round. We trim the trees and other plants, mow the grass, blow the leaves, pull the weeds, and maintain the irrigation.

Corona Landscape has been working with commercial customers in the East valley for almost 10 years. We are a company you can rely on when it comes to your commercial landscaping needs. We will always be there the day we agree upon, we will always be on time, and we will always provide you with the best service in town!

Friday, November 9, 2012 @ 08:11 PM
posted by keoadmin

Corona Landscape is a family-owned and operated landscaping company and is a leading Ahwatukee landscaper. We have been around since 2004 and work very hard to satisfy all of our customers. Our mission is to give you exactly what you want at a fair and competitive price. You can always expect the very best from us.

Why are we the best Ahwatukee landscaper?

Landscapers around the Valley have given all of us a bad rap by showing up late or on unexpected days, leaving debris and equipment behind, abusing the trust of their clients and charging way too much for their services.

We consistently work to break that stigma by providing you with excellent customer care, fair prices, and experienced landscape technicians. The proof is in our many happy customers, both commercial and residential. You can always expect us to be on time and provide you with the right services. We take pride in your satisfaction and will always work to exceed your expectations, so whatever your landscaping needs are, you can count on us.

When choosing an Ahwatukee landscaper make sure you choose the best and call Corona Landscape. You can reach us by phone at (602) 373-9100 and by email at service @

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 @ 08:11 PM
posted by keoadmin

Fall is upon us, which means cooler weather, holidays, visitors, and more time spent outside. Why not enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather with a new or rejuvenated landscape from Corona Landscape? Corona Landscape provides fall landscaping at reasonable and competitive pricing with customer service that can’t be beat.

After the harsh summer it is important to give your landscape a little extra TLC. The grass and plants will need a new watering schedule, plants and trees will need to be trimmed and some flowers may need to be replaced.

While you are focusing on your family and the holidays, take comfort in the fact that your fall landscaping needs will be fulfilled without hassle by Corona Landscape. We offer many maintenance services such as mowing, trimming, pruning, and leaf cleanup. We also offer many installation services for your new fall landscaping, including  irrigation, turf, plants, rocks and other decorative stone, lighting, and more.

Our experienced and trustworthy landscapers will come to your home when it is convenient for you and evaluate your landscaping needs. Whether you need us weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly they will set up a schedule to fit your calendar. We take on both commercial and residential customers and work individually with each one to make sure that you are satisfied with your fall landscaping. Call us today to bring your landscape back to life.

Friday, September 28, 2012 @ 01:09 AM
posted by admin

Living in the desert presents some unique challenges, but you can find a Gilbert landscaper that can really make your yard look great. Whether you want something green (and have the water bill to prove it), or you’re looking for something that takes full advantage of the natural beauty of the desert, you can get everything from help and ideas from someone who will arrive on your schedule and handle everything for you. It’s up to you what you’d like, so be sure to ask around and see what kinds of services are offered for your area.

Price Doesn’t Always Equal Value

It can seem like common sense to choose the person or company with the lowest price. After all, why would you want to pay more for something when you could get it for less? Keep in mind, though, that the price you’re paying isn’t always equal to the value you’re getting. Some companies will charge you much more than others, but the value isn’t as good because you aren’t getting a lot more services or a lot higher quality for that increase in price. You have to balance what you’re paying for and what you’re getting so you can enjoy the most for your money.

Be Sure to Read Reviews

Before choosing a landscaper in Gilbert, consider what others have to say. One or two bad reviews could just be from customers that are very hard to please. But if there are a lot of bad reviews, you might want to think twice. In that case, it might be better to go with a different company. What other people think isn’t always a good gauge of whether you’ll be satisfied with a landscaper, but it’s still worth considering because people do tend to report bad experiences and that can be important in helping others make decisions.

Overall, you’ll want to find a landscaper who charges you fairly for the work that’s getting done and who doesn’t cut corners. You also want someone you can get along with since that person will be on your property on a regular and consistent basis. Being able to trust that person is very important, especially if you have a lot of money and time invested in your landscape.

Contact Corona Landscape today to schedule your lawn for a landscaping makeover!

Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 08:09 AM
posted by admin

Getting the right company for your Chandler landscape maintenance is highly important. You don’t want to end up with a company that’s not receptive to your needs or that doesn’t do what you ask of them and what’s best for your yard and plant life. Hiring the right company can take some time, though, because you’ll want to ask questions and make sure you choose the company that you feel best about. Price matters, but there’s more to finding the right company than just how much that company charges. Consider asking the following questions to pinpoint the company that’s right for you and your needs.

How Long has the Company Been in Business?

While new companies can do a good job, they have less of a “track record” to judge from. Because that’s the case, you’ll want to be more careful choosing a company that’s brand new. It may be better to go with a company that’s more established so you can see reviews for that company and get some sense of the work that they have previously done for others. This background check can give you a more accurate idea of the quality of their services.

Is the Company Offering a Good Value?

The company’s lower price is not nearly as important as the actual value the company is offering to you. Some companies won’t charge you much at all, but what are you getting for that money? If you aren’t getting much, it really doesn’t matter if the price is low. You want to get the highest amount of high-quality goods and services for the lowest amount of money. That’s the measure of value and something you should carefully consider when you’re shopping around for the best landscape maintenance company for your Chandler home or business.

Even if you’ve always done business with a particular company in the past, or you have lots of recommendations from family and friends telling you which landscape companies they use, it’s important that you do your own research and draw your own conclusions about which company you would like to use for your maintenance. That way you’ll feel comfortable with the company and you can ask all the questions you need to ask before any work gets done or any money actually changes hands. That can help provide you with peace of mind.

Contact Corona Landscape to schedule your lawn’s maintenance today.

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